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  Stefano (di Giovanni) da Verona (Stefano da Francia; Stefano da Zevio), Italian painter. He was the son of Jean d Arbois. Vasari first called him Stefano da Verona; in documents he appears as Stefano di Giovanni. The name da Zevio (Stephanus de Gebeto), adopted by local historians, arose from a confusion with Altichiero. Local historians, probably because of Vasari s chronological incoherence in calling him a student of both Agnolo Gaddi and Liberale da Verona, were also responsible for the creation of other apocryphal Stefanos (Stefano jr, Stefano sr, Vincenzo di Stefano).
  Stefano da Verona was the principal Veronese painter in the International Gothic style. He was much influenced by Gentile da Fabriano and was probably the master of Pisanello, continuing a sort of proto-Pisanello style as late as 1435 in his signed and dated Adoration of the Magi (Milan, Brera); on the other hand, the Madonna of the Quail (Verona) may be by him or by Pisanello. Most of his works are in Verona (museums and churches).
Adoration of the Magi
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Madonna in the Rosary
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