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 Title  Creator  Type
 Gabriel from the Annunciation   FILIPPINO LIPPI  religious
 Gabrielle Arnault as a Child   LOUIS L�OPOLD BOILLY  portrait
 Gabrielle d'Estr�es and one of her Sister   MASTER OF THE FONTAINEBLEAU SCHOOL  portrait
 Galatea   LOUIS DORIGNY  mythological
 Galatea   ROBERT LE LORRAIN  mythological
 Gale at Sea   ALEXANDRE-JEAN NO�L  landscape
 Galgenberg   KARL BLECHEN  landscape
 Gallant Company   PIETER CODDE  genre
 Gallant Conversation   QUIRINGH VAN BREKELENKAM  genre
 Gallery in the cloister   FRENCH ROMANESQUE SCULPTOR  religious
 Gallery of a Collector   CORNELIS DE BAELLIEUR  interior
 Gallery of Francis I   ROSSO FIORENTINO  other
 Gallery of Views of Ancient Rome   GIOVANNI PAOLO PANNINI  interior
 Gallery of Views of Modern Rome   GIOVANNI PAOLO PANNINI  interior
 Gallus Gate   SWISS ROMANESQUE SCULPTOR  religious
 Gallus Gate (detail)   SWISS ROMANESQUE SCULPTOR  religious
 Gamba Player   BERNARDO STROZZI  genre
 Game and Hunting Gear Discovered by a Cat   JAN FYT  still-life
 Game of Billiards   LOUIS L�OPOLD BOILLY  genre
 Game of Civettino (a Birth Salver)  SCHEGGIA  other
 Game of Civettino (a Birth Salver)  SCHEGGIA  other
 Game of Civettino (detail)  SCHEGGIA  other
 Game Piece   MELCHIOR D' HONDECOETER  still-life
 Game Stall   FRANS SNYDERS  still-life
 Game Still-Life   PIETER ANDREAS RYSBRACK  still-life
 Game Still-Life with Hunting Dog   JEAN-BAPTISTE-SIM�ON CHARDIN  still-life
 Game Still-Life with Statue of Diana   JAN WEENIX  still-life
 Ganymede   BENVENUTO CELLINI  mythological
 Ganymede   CORREGGIO  mythological
 Ganymede   CORREGGIO  mythological
 Ganymede   BENVENUTO CELLINI  mythological
 Ganymede   BENVENUTO CELLINI  mythological
 Ganymede   BENVENUTO CELLINI  mythological
 Ganymede Waters Zeus as an Eagle   BERTHEL THORVALDSEN  mythological
 Garcia de' Medici   AGNOLO BRONZINO  portrait
 Garden Front in Versailles   ISRA�L SILVESTRE  other
 Garden of Eden   JACOB DE BACKER  religious
 Garden of Eden   JACOPO BASSANO  landscape
 Garden of Eden   JAN THE ELDER BRUEGHEL  landscape
 Garden of Eden   JACOPO BASSANO  landscape
 Garden of Love   PIETER PAUWEL RUBENS  other
 Garden of Love   PIETER PAUWEL RUBENS  other
 Garden of Love   THE ELDER MANDER  mythological
 Garden of the Casa Galli   MAERTEN VAN HEEMSKERCK  other
 Garden of the Villa Doria Pamphili in Rome   FRANZ LUDWIG CATEL  landscape
 Garden of the Willaeys-Vleys Family at Groeninge, Bruges   JAN ANTOON GAREMIJN  landscape
 Garden Party   JAN STEEN  genre
 Garden Party before a Palace   ESAIAS VAN DE VELDE  genre
 Garden View with a Dog   TOM�S HIEPES  still-life

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