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 Title  Creator  Type
 'Home': The Return from the Crimea   SIR JOSEPH NOEL PATON  historical
 A Dutch Squadron on the Sont, near Castle Kronburg   HEERMAN WITMONT  historical
 A Flute Concert of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci   ADOLPH VON MENZEL  historical
 A Mortally Wounded Brigand Quenches his Thirst   EUG�NE DELACROIX  historical
 A Royal Yacht Firing a Salute   CHARLES BROOKING  historical
 A Scene from Roman History   S�BASTIEN BOURDON  historical
 Action between Dutch and English Ships   HEERMAN WITMONT  historical
 Aeneas Piccolomini Introduces Eleonora of Portugal to Frederick III   PINTURICCHIO  historical
 Alceste mourante   JEAN-FRAN�OIS-PIERRE PEYRON  historical
 Alexander and Porus   CHARLES LE BRUN  historical
 Alexander the Great and Roxane   PIETRO ANTONIO ROTARI  historical
 Alexander the Great Covers Darius's Corpse with a Coat   GIAN BATTISTA ZELOTTI  historical
 Alexander the Great in the Temple of Jerusalem   SEBASTIANO CONCA  historical
 Alexander the Great Refuses to Take Water   GIUSEPPE CADES  historical
 Alfonso of Aragon in Triumph with his Court   PIETRO DA MILANO  historical
 Allegory of the Birth of Prince Wilheim Heinrich von Brandenburg   CORNELIS VAN, THE ELDER DALEN  historical
 Allegory of the Victory over the League of Cambrai (detail)  PALMA GIOVANE  historical
 Allegory on the Abdication of Emperor Charles V in Brussels, 25 October 1555,   FRANS II FRANCKEN  historical
 Allegory on the Blessings of Peace   PIETER PAUWEL RUBENS  historical
 Antiochus and Stratonica   JACQUES-LOUIS DAVID  historical
 Antiquity Scene   PIETRO LIBERI  historical
 Antiquity Scene   PIETRO LIBERI  historical
 Apotheose of Louis XIV   CHARLES LE BRUN  historical
 Arrival of a Dutch Three-master at Schloss Kronberg   HENDRICK CORNELISZ. VROOM  historical
 Arrival of Charles III in Naples   ANTONIO JOLI  historical
 Arrival of Emigres with the Duchess of Berry on the French Coast   CARLE VERNET  historical
 Ascent of the Balloon in the Presence of Charles IV and his Court   ANTONIO CARNICERO Y MANCIO  historical
 Attila and his Hordes Overrun Italy and the Arts   EUG�NE DELACROIX  historical
 Auto-da-fe on Plaza Mayor, Madrid   FRANCISCO RIZI  historical
 Ball in Honour of Alexander II   MIH�LY ZICHY  historical
 Banquet Given in the Presence of the King   JEAN-MICHEL MOREAU  historical
 Baptism of St Zenobius and His Appointment as Bishop   SANDRO BOTTICELLI  historical
 Baths at Pozzuoli   GIROLAMO MACCHIETTI  historical
 Bathsheba Observed by King David   JAN MASSYS  historical
 Battle   JUAN DE LA CORTE  historical
 Battle   ADAM FRANS VAN DER MEULEN  historical
 Battle between Christians and Moslems   JACQUES COURTOIS  historical
 Battle between the Gonzaga and the Bonacolsi   DOMENICO MORONE  historical
 Battle between Turks and Christians  TINTORETTO  historical
 Battle of Anghiari   GIAMBATTISTA FOGGINI  historical
 Battle of Anghiari   GIAMBATTISTA FOGGINI  historical
 Battle of Cascina (part)   MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI  historical
 Battle of Gibraltar   HENDRICK CORNELISZ. VROOM  historical
 Battle of Grengam on 27 July 1720   ALEKSEY FYODOROVICH ZUBOV  historical
 Battle of Haarlemmermeer   HENDRICK CORNELISZ. VROOM  historical
 Battle of Lepanto   PAOLO VERONESE  historical
 Battle of Lepanto   PAOLO VERONESE  historical
 Battle of Lepanto   ANDREA VICENTINO  historical
 Battle of Lepanto   ANDRIES VAN EERTVELT  historical

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