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 Title  Creator  Type
 York Psalter   ENGLISH MINIATURIST  religious
 York Psalter   ENGLISH MINIATURIST  religious
 Yorkshire Miner   GEORGE WALKER  other
 Yosemite Valley at Sunset   ALBERT BIERSTADT  landscape
 You'll see later (Despu�s lo veras)   FRANCISCO DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES  study
 Yound Woman Leaning over a Woman Stretched out on the Ground   EUG�NE DELACROIX  study
 Young Artist Drawing Bernini's Neptune and Triton   MICHIEL SWEERTS  other
 Young Artist Painting a Horse and Rider   ABRAHAM VAN CALRAET  genre
 Young Bacchus   GIOVANNI BELLINI  mythological
 Young Bacchus Sleeping   LUCA GIORDANO  mythological
 Young Bacchus Sleeping   LUCA GIORDANO  mythological
 Young Boy Seated on a Wall Overlooking Capri   VILHELM KYHN  genre
 Young Boy Selling Vegetables   BERNHARD KEIL  genre
 Young Bull   PAULUS POTTER  genre
 Young Bull   PAULUS POTTER  genre
 Young Cavalier   ROSALBA CARRIERA  portrait
 Young Christian Martyr   PAUL DELAROCHE  religious
 Young Christian Martyr   PAUL DELAROCHE  religious
 Young Couple Threatened by Death; or, the Promenade   ALBRECHT D�RER  mythological
 Young Drinker   GERRIT VAN HONTHORST  genre
 Young Drinker   GERRIT VAN HONTHORST  genre
 Young Flute Player   JUDITH LEYSTER  genre
 Young French Marquise in Exile in Lausanne   JEAN-BAPTISTE MALLET  historical
 Young Girl at the Scamander River   JOSEPH-D�SIR� COURT  mythological
 Young Girl Holding a Letter   CASPAR NETSCHER  genre
 Young Girl Holding a Letter (detail)   CASPAR NETSCHER  genre
 Young Girl Holding a Monkey   ROSALBA CARRIERA  portrait
 Young Girl Holding Flowers   SIR HENRY RAEBURN  portrait
 Young Girl in a Lilac Tunic   JEAN-BAPTISTE GREUZE  portrait
 Young Girl with a Candle   GODFRIED SCHALCKEN  genre
 Young Girl with a Flute   JAN VERMEER VAN DELFT  genre
 Young Girl with Astronomic Instrument   JAN (MABUSE) GOSSAERT  portrait
 Young Girl with Distaff   PIETRO ANTONIO ROTARI  portrait
 Young Greek on the Tomb of Markos Botsaris  DAVID D'ANGERS  religious
 Young Hare   ALBRECHT D�RER  other
 Young Herdsman with Cows   AELBERT CUYP  landscape
 Young Holding his Dead Daughter in his Arms   PIERRE-AUGUSTE VAFFLARD  genre
 Young in a Landscape   J�NOS ROMBAUER  portrait
 Young Indian Woman Wrapping a Shell-Fringed Band round her Leg   FRAN�OIS-JOSEPH BOSIO  other
 Young Jew as Christ   REMBRANDT HARMENSZOON VAN RIJN  portrait
 Young Ladies by the River Seine   GUSTAVE COURBET  genre
 Young Lady   MIH�LY ZICHY  portrait
 Young Lady at Breakfast (detail)   EGLON VAN DER NEER  genre
 Young Lady at her Breakfast   EGLON VAN DER NEER  genre
 Young Lady of the Leblond Family.   ROSALBA CARRIERA  portrait
 Young Man   ROGIER VAN DER WEYDEN  study
 Young Man and the Procuress   MICHIEL SWEERTS  genre
 Young Man at Prayer   HANS MEMLING  portrait

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