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 SCHAFFNER, Martin  

 The Retreat from Russia  

 Swiss Guard and Wounded Veteran  

 SYRLIN, J�rg the Elder  

 Phillip IV in Army Dress (The portrait of Fraga)  

 Portrait of Sybilla von Freyberg (born Gossenbrot)  

 Adoration of the Magi  

 Adoration of the Magi  

 Portrait of Vincenzo Cappello  

 The Dauphin Charles-Orlant  

 Cameo-style Plaque: The Conquest of Silesia  

 Cameo-style Plaque: The Battle of Friedland  

 Cameo-style Plaque: Victory of Eylau  

 Cameo-style Plaque: The Foundation of the Kingdom  

 Cameo-style Plaque: The Three Hanseatic Cities (Berlin, Warsaw, K�nigsberg)  

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Battle of Antietam 
Battle of Austerlitz 
Battle of Berezina 
Battle of Borodino 
Battle of Chickamauga 
Battle of Eylau 
Battle of Fredericksburg 
Battle of Gettysburg 
Battle of Inkerman 


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